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Summerland Dressage Club History





Summerland Dressage Club was founded in 1982 as the Lismore District Riding & Harness Club. Patria Maher was the Club's founding President. The name was changed to the Summerland Dressage Club in 1986 because Lismore was no longer the Club's base and it had become clear that dressage was becoming the main area of interest of the members. The Club has since gone from strength to strength over the years with a membership of over 80 riders and a strong committee keeping the club alive.

Summerland Dressage Club's Life Members:

Toni Appleton

Suzette Moore

Merv Taylor

Merle Speakman

Ray Speakman

Carol Maxwell

Judy Mason

Graeme Fraser

Anne McDiarmid

Lynn Muller

If you would like to read further about the history of dressage on the North Coast of NSW some of our club's influencers have written summaries about the club's history and how they impacted the development of Summerland Dressage Club. 

Photo credit: Blue Ribbon Photography, Emma Morley & Contributed
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